Parent / Community Information

Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

As a school district in a small town it is important that our students are our top priority. In order for this to happen we must support one another and work together to promote our amazing district.

It is my responsibility to ensure that every student is safe, treated fairly and provided the opportunity and resources needed to achieve their potential. Each employee at Memphis has chosen to take on this challenging, demanding and important profession and we are committed to continually improving ourselves. We understand the importance that each of us play in providing the best education for every child.

In order for every student to succeed and to reach their full potential we must have the assistance of our families and community members. It is important that you are there to support our students and staff as well as help us to improve as educators. Your positive support can be shown in many ways, such as attending an extra-curricular event, volunteering for a school activity, sharing positive student accomplishments on social media, showing appreciation to a staff member or congratulating students on their achievements.

Your feedback and open communication play a very large and important role in helping us to improve as individuals and as a district. The staff and I are open and available to every student, parent and community member and invite you to contact us. When you have a concern, I encourage you to reach out immediately to the direct source of your concern to obtain accurate information. Many issues that arise due to miscommunication can be handled quickly and effectively with direct contact. I do ask that you follow the "chain of command" when reaching out to us. If you are not satisfied with the response or action taken, please do not hesitate to contact the next person in the chain of command. Also, please feel free to include me in your communication. I will work hard to ensure that all contacts made will be addressed within 24 hours. Our staff contact information can be found on our district directory page and I can be reached directly at 810-535-8225 or at

I am confident that with your support we can provide the optimum education for every Memphis student and continue to enrich our incredible district.


Sara Dobbelaer
Memphis Community Schools